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Even if you are a frequent flyer, getting some tips and information on your baggage while traveling by air won’t hurt. Airline baggage and freight handlers usually look after the after freight and luggage of the travelers. The freight handlers will weigh and check your luggage before they are taken for flight. Handling luggage on and off the planes is the responsibility of the Baggage handlers.

Each of the luggage items is tagged so that they reach the right destination and to the rightful owner. It is a job of great responsibility to see that none of the luggage and freight should get misplaced or lost.

As a traveler, you too need to pay attention to certain baggage tips when traveling by air. Generally there are a few basics that one needs to be aware about with both checked luggage and carry-on bags. You should be well aware of the items that are not allowed like explosive devices, illegal drugs etc. Nowadays, with the extra security measures in place for air travel, most travelers prefer to carry their luggage rather than checking it in. But this is possible only for the local flights. International travelers have more baggage that needs to check in. But carry-on luggage definitely saves time and make sure your baggage is safe. Most passenger carry at least one piece of carry-on baggage and several pieces of luggage as well.

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Generally speaking, most airlines allow you to bring up to two pieces of carry-on baggage without extra charges. But any extra baggage means you will need to pay extra. Moreover check out with the airline you are flying on the weight limit as that too varies from county to country and airline to airline. Passengers need to check in their baggage at least 1 or 2 hours before the departure, so as to ensure your baggage gets safely loaded in your airplane. There might be more restrictive rules, especially for the international flights. Contact your airline and ask them about their specific baggage policies so as to avoid any last minute confusions.

One is not allowed to place any heavy weight items in the overhead storage bins. One should also be clear about the luggage limits with the airline. Although there is always a little risk of your baggage getting misplaced, stolen or damaged, you can follow the guidelines below to minimize these risks: Travel with only carry-on luggage. Avoid putting  heavy items in the overhead storage bins. Place your contact info both on the outside and inside of every bag. Customize the look of your bag so as to  identify it easily Keep any valuable items with you. Check the airline tag on your luggage for the right destination. Keep the stub from your checked luggage. Report the loss of your checked luggage immediately.
Inspire of taking all the precautions, if your baggage still gets lost, damaged or misplaced, take immediate action and report the matter to the concerned authorities. Take the right steps to file a complaint with the appropriate company or agency.

These were general tips on how travel and keep your baggage as safe as possible. On how to save a bunch of money on your next trip please check our home page for some amazing airline, hotel, car rental and other deals and coupon codes.

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