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Edible Arrangements ( or EA for short as the fans call them) is a one of a kind fresh fruit bouquet franchise and it specializes in the delivery of gift items involving fruits. It first opened up in 1999 and has now got 1127 stores in 14 countries.
Edible Arrangements spends a lot of time on perfecting the presentation of its products as it wants the recipient of the gifts to feel special. The detail and care which goes into the making of these gift baskets shows your love for the person you’re sending the gift to. The fruits are arranged so that they leave a lasting impression and taste really good.
The gift baskets are of top quality as the quality of fruits is really good. They are fresh and have a mouth-watering taste. The customer service is excellent and they have a large network which covers almost the entire world. Even if there isn’t a shop in your area, you can always go online to EA website and order your gift anywhere.
The Edible Arrangement gift baskets come in a variety of arrangements and each is designed for the perfect occasion or keeping in mind the person you’re sending your gift. There is a specialty Edible Arrangement known as Kids and Kids at Heart Collection.
There will be further varieties like Scooby Doo Fruit Celebration which contains grapes, pineapples, strawberries and all kinds of fresh fruit which are designed in the shape of dog bones or in form of Scooby’s face. This package comes in a cup which has Scooby’s picture on it.
It’s highly nutritious and it encourages children to eat fruit. Others include Sponge Bob Chocolate Dipped Strawberries which features a sort of square with Sponge Bob’s happy face on it and various fruits cut in shapes of objects which appear in the cartoons.

Apart from these, there are categories for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, new baby, graduation, good luck, congratulations, sympathy and thank you etc. In wedding category, the Fruit Experts have prepared different bouquets for reception, wedding party, engagement party and wedding gifts which are tailor made for each occasion with delicious toppings.
If you are going to gift someone a bouquet for their new born baby, then order a bouquet from the new born category which has really cute bouquets. There’s a Honey Bear Bouquet Dipped Strawberries which has grapes and strawberries dipped in chocolate.
There are pineapples too which are cut in the shape of cute bears and the container is in the shape of a chocolate colored bear too. Apart from that there’s a First Moments Bouquet which has a container shaped like a photo frame and has the picture of a cute baby. The fruits are cut in the shape of stars and flowers and all sorts of cute things. T

It can be hard to think of unique gift ideas when it seems like everything has been done already or nothing is quite right. One unusual idea to consider is the gift of a fresh fruit arrangement. EA is probably the most well-known fruit arrangement company, and it offers many choices for different arrangements and delivery options. In addition, searching the internet can give you discount codes that can be used for online purchases.Where can I find Edible Arrangements discount codes?
Typing “Edible Arrangements discount codes” into a search engine should allow you to find discount codes that can be used for online and in-store purchases. Here are some websites that provide coupon codes:

  • Retail me not is a website that lists discount codes and deals currently available for Edible Arrangements. It offers codes that can be entered when you check out on the website, as well as deals (such as buy one, get one free) that Edible Arrangements is advertising on its site.
  • Coupon Chief  similarly, offers a variety of codes and deals. It also shows comments that other users have made about the coupons, so you know whether or not they work.

Most of the numerical discount codes found online can only be used at the EA’s website when checking out. It can be assumed that they cannot be used on in-store purchases, unless they specifically say so. The same goes for the deals advertised by Edible Arrangements – each deal has guidelines for when and where it can be used. However, more of the deals advertised by the company can be used in-store than the codes provided by external websites.

What are some of the products that can be purchased at Edible Arrangements?

Edible Arrangements specializes in attractive displays of cut fruit, often dipped in chocolate and cut like flowers or other shapes. They provide vases for the displays and also delivers the fruit such that it is very fresh when it arrives. The company works with all kinds of fruits, including strawberries, mangos, pineapples, apples, bananas, and many others. Here are some of the different products that can be ordered in-store or online: Special occasion bouquets are available for days like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. These bouquets may come with vases or cards with appropriate designs and messages, and may feature appropriate fruits – strawberries dipped in chocolate are popular for romantic occasions.Bouquets are also available as “get well” gifts, sympathy gifts, business gifts, and “just because gifts.” If you don’t want an arrangement, the company offers boxes of mixed chocolate-covered strawberries with artisan chocolate coatings and drizzles. They also have boxes of dipped bananas, oranges, pineapples, and other fruits.
Their website has photos of all their displays so you can easily choose one that is right for the occasion. In addition, it is easy to choose delivery options that ensure that the gift arrives on time. Remember to search for discount codes on the sites posted above or when we have them on our site so you can save money on these attractive presents.

Fruit arrangements are good gifts for graduation parties, anniversaries, birthdays, business transactions, “get well” or sympathy situations, and other occasions. Edible Arrangements allows you to customize the kinds of fruit that go into your bouquet, the message the appears on the optional card, the type of chocolate dip, and other aspects.

Where can I order products from Edible Arrangements, and how are they delivered?

EA’s gifts can be ordered online, by phone at 1-877-DO-FRUIT, or in physical stores. The website, Ediblearrangements.com, provides useful photographs of all its products and makes customization and ordering easy. If you go to a store, you can view sample orders and a catalog of all available products, and someone will be available to help you.
A critical aspect of the company is its delivery services, since its fresh fruit bouquets have to be carefully delivered in a certain time frame in order to be edible. To ensure that the bouquets remain fresh and intact, in-store orders are delivered in special refrigerated delivery vans by people who know how to handle them. Online orders that are shipped to different addresses via UPS are specially packaged to preserve their presentation. The company tries to accommodate business hours, although it cannot guarantee delivery times, and it offers tracking on all items. Delivery vans try to leave orders with a neighbor if you aren’t home, and will leave pick-up instructions if nobody can take your package. Deliveries are available on holidays, but it is recommended that you make your orders earlier during these peak times.

Where can I find a physical Edible Arrangements store?

EA stores are located in many cities throughout the US. The easiest way to find the closest store is to use the store locator on Ediblearrangements.com. By typing in your city or zip code, you will get a list of all the stores in the surrounding area. Edible Arrangements stores are open seven days a week to accommodate orders. In total, there are over 1,100 stores, and there is a long list of stores that are being planned for the future.
Here is a list of major cities where you can find them at the moment Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Washington DC, Newark, San Diego, Austin TX.

Many of these cities have multiple stores, and these cities represent a fraction of all the stores that exist in the US. Chances are, there is an Edible Arrangements store near you where you can order a fruit bouquet or gift box for your next special occasion.

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