Where to Find Great San Diego Zoo Coupons

San Diego Zoo Coupon Locations

One of the best places to get San Diego Zoo coupons is in the entertainment book. According to the Mouse Savers article, “Another Place to find San Diego zoo coupons is at the surrounding hotels. Many hotels offer packages that give their guests discounts.” This could be for the admission price, or for coupons off some of the attractions at the zoo. In “San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park Discounts and Deals”, the Orange County Entertainment book has a $4 off a regular pass. Of course, these Entertainment books usually have coupons to the zoo for future use, too.

Zoo Membership Coupons and Discounts

Members of the San Diego Zoo not only receive free admission to the park year-round, they also receive numerous discounts and coupons to use in the zoo. Special exhibits like the Balloon Safari and the Journey into Africa cost less with membership. People who visit both exhibits save $13. San Diego Zoo memberships cost between $89 and $99 for adults in 2010. Considering a regular daily admission for adults costs $37, this is a pretty good deal.

Zoo members receive coupons off food and beverages inside the complex. Also, they send out regular mailers that have coupons and discounts for various shows and new attractions.

Zoo Discounts from Companies

Instead of coupons, some companies offer discount incentives to purchase tickets through them. Costco, for example, often offers a discount by ordering through them online. AAA offers at least 10% off of a regular admission price. The same discount applies to senior citizens. Also, keep in mind that during the month of October, kids get into the zoo for free.

San Diego Zoo coupons add up to a lot of money if you have a family and want to experience all the special attractions the park has to offer. Even if you only saving $4 off of the admission price, that equals $16 per family of four. That’s almost enough to buy lunch for the whole family at the zoo.

By trying all of the options listed, you will find a way to save money off ticket prices.

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