How to Get Started Saving Money with Coupons

Where to Find Free Coupons

Coupons can be found in a lot of places. Grocery stores will send out their own fliers weekly and they will usually contain some store coupons in it highlighting special sales items. Once in the store, it is often possible to find some in store coupons that can be found right next to the item on sale. The Sunday paper is a key place to find many food coupons, as well as most other kinds. These usually have many Sunday coupons, which come together, along with sales papers from the larger stores nearby announcing local sales.

The Internet is a popular place to find printable coupons. There are many Websites online, like for example our site, that list on a daily basis the coupons that are available. These Websites will show what coupons are good for that day (or week) and these are often listed by either the particular store selling them or by the type of product. A popular such site is CouponChief – we highly recommend it for some amazing deals and coupon codes!

On occasion, some online site will provide some manufacturer coupons that may be only available in limited numbers – or for a limited time (possibly for only an hour or so). These are usually very good coupons to get, and are usually for free items. In order to grab these when they come out, it will be necessary to pay attention to special announcements that may be seen on the Website, on Facebook, or through Twitter.

Find Out Where Coupons Can Be Used and Store Policies

It will not take long to learn that different stores have their own policies concerning the use of coupons. Coupons from some sources may not be usable in some stores – such as Internet coupons.

Another policy that needs to be learned about, is to find out which stores allow more than one coupon to be used on an item, and which stores will allow price matching. When a store permits the use of a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon to be used on the same item – that is when the most savings will be seen.

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Organize Coupons for Ease of Use

Coupons are of little value unless they can be easily found when needed. A very convenient way to organize them is to get a notebook – a standard three-ring binder. Then, buy baseball card sheets to put them in. Get tab dividers to mark off the main sections.

Label the tabs by the type of item in order to find them easily. Tabs might be labeled as Groceries, Personal, Household, Car, Electronics, Restaurant coupons, Miscellaneous, etc. With this system ready to go and a couple of the baseball collector sheets in between each tab, all that is necessary at this point is to clip the coupons and pull them out when needed. Labels may even be added on individual pockets to identify particular stores. It may be necessary to change this later into a system that is more customized for personal preferences.

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