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While bigger airlines have moved to “hub” concept for getting passengers to go where they like, Allegiant Airlines has come up to the approach of flying people directly to and from certain limited destinations in Florida and southwest United States. For the 2nd consecutive year, Allegiant Air that serves both Kalispell and Missoula has been awarded as one of the hundred fastest growing companies by the Fortune Magazine and it was a given a rank 64.
They are continuing to grow constantly and Kristine Shattuck-Cooper, a representative from Allegiant has stated that they will add Hawaii to the list of destinations during early next year. The exact location in Hawaii is not yet determined as per her statement. Also the mainland cities which will receive this service have also not yet been decided by the Airline. The cities lying western to Rockies are being considered till today. We are hoping to commence this service by summer 2012 stated the representative.
The company stated about adding planes to already existing fleet of fifty two aircrafts, from which fifty one airplanes don’t have the range of flying to Hawaii. There are mid-range MD80s operated by McDonnel Douglas. They are carrying Missoula passengers to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoneix region, and travelers from Kalispell to Las Vegas.
The Kalispell and Missoula routes are served twice a week. Allegiant mixes the fifty two planes among eighty seven cities which they serve. There is also a Boeing 757 which is currently used for connecting several cities in East and MidWest to Las Vegas. Shattuck-Cooper stated Allegiant will also add 4 more aircrafts with longer flying range before commencing the service to Hawaii.
Allegiant has improved service in fifteen cities this year, as per Shattuck-Cooper mostly in eastern US, where the important destinations in Flordia are St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, plus Daytona Beach and Orlando (through Fla, Sanford, located in middle of two cities). 6 cities – Newport News, Va; Niagara Falls, N.Y, Lexington, Ky; Knoxville, Tenn; Asheville, N.C; the cities were getting Allegiant service for 1st time. Apart from Kalispell and Missoula, Allegiant is operating routes in and around Billings, Great Falls and Bozeman.
As per Shattuck- Cooper, the method for describing the business model is offering service between undeserved and smaller communities which is considered as world-class leisure destination. The Hawaii service which is going too added this year will not have the destination option of Los Angeles and passengers might need to change planes instead.
It will meet our business model and we can offer direct service from smaller cities situated in western Rockiest to Hawaii islands as per statement from Shattuck-Cooper. Staying in-line with our special business model has been the secret behind our consistent profitability and success in the market. Andrew C. Levy, the president of Allegiant stated that, it has permitted has to improve and remain commercial in this modern economy.
Companies must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to reach the fastest-growing list of Fortune magazine, which includes being traders in a popular stock exchange in U.S from June 30, 2007 and must generate revenue of minimum fifty million dollars and net income of minimum ten million dollars.
Fortune magazine has reported growth percent of Allegiant to be forty one percent and revenue growth is nineteen percent with total returns of thirty nine percent. The 3 variables are weighted equally to determine the ranking of the company. The list includes Buffalo Wild Wings which remains in 90th position, which is in 45th position, Netflix which is in 24th position, Apple which is in 21st position, and Priceline which is in 12th position.

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