Why do you need Protexting.com for your business

Since some folks might not be 100% “sold” on the whole ProTexting concept we will make this post to emphasize why using the services of Protexting.com you and your business will get to a whole other level.

OK guys as you a business owner you should know by now that retaining existing customers and keeping them happy and well informed of your business is just as (some may even say it’s more) important than attracting new ones. As the old saying goes ” a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush” . In any type of business you need to maintain regular and proper relationship with your audience. To do so you have multiple options like making new blog posts, Facebook post, tweets etc.  Don’t get me wrong – these are all great!

The down side is that your users have to let’s say visit your blog or your Facebook page. Or Twitter feed or whatever to know what’s going on. A little more proactive approach, and one that used to give great results, is sending them periodically emails. Doing so keeps them “in the loop”. And it’s fantastic way to promote your new and exciting deals and offers you’re running.

Email Lists vs Protexting

Have a good email list with all your business partners and clients and sending regular emails used to be the golden norm. But with time people got to be not so happy to get constantly emailed.  They started taking themselves off these email list or even start marking them as spam. Another issue is that not everyone checks their emails daily. So why bother sending that email blast if a certain percentage of the people won’t read it fast enough or not read it all?

To fill up this void came ProTexting and companies like them. They came up with their revolutionary idea to TEXT, not email your customers and partners. It’s clearly a no-brainer – everybody do checks their phones as soon as they realize they have a new text! And if that text if from you promoting your latest product or letting them about a sale or whatever you will get their attention (and hopefully more sales) pretty much instantly! Yes, instantly -as in you send a mass text and literally in seconds  you get targeted visitors to your site! And this is exactly what any business wants and needs. And with the very affordable plans from Protexting you can do it too!

With their super easy to use and intuitive dashboard and excellent customer support ( in case you need any help), you can be on your way to communicate with your clients and partners in no time!

Current Protexting offers

For the latest ProTexting coupon codes check this post or if you’re not familiar how to use the coupons just click here and read the post.

So to answer the question in this article’s title – you need to use ProTexting if you want to stay connected! Being with your customers or partners and you want this process to take mere minutes, not hours or day! Starting at only $49 a month ProTexting have plans for any need and budget. If you haven’t joined their network just yet now is the time.