Which ProTexting plan is right for You

If you’ve read our previous posts you already know why ProTexting is great for any business or organization . And you also know how to actually use the ProTexting coupons we have here. In this article we will talk about what plans are available and which one is ideal for your business.

Before we get into the details of each plan let’s see who indeed can use ProTexting’s services and for what purposes. There is a very long and complex answer to this question. But the very short and sweet answer is – EVERYBODY! No matter if you are running a company, a non profit, doctors office or a even a church. Protexting is always a great addition to your efforts to stay connected with your team members and audience.

How can benefit from ProTexting’s services

All kinds of businesses and organizations can benefit from ProTexting.com. From bars and retail stores to universities and political campaigns and from night clubs and live events to spas and doctor’s offices. You can read more about this here on their website with examples and more data. in general if you have customers who you want to reach in minutes – you should be using ProTexting, it’s that simple! To get in touch with them and to let them know what’s going on with your organization is quite simple. Just login to your account, write down the text and send it out to whomever will be interested in it!

Your message will be seen very quickly since everybody checks their cell phones multiple times a day. Sending emails is a thing of the past, the “now” is all about texting and instant messages so if you don’t have a Protexting account yet now will be a good time to join since they are offering a solid 35% OFF for new users – check our protexting coupon codes and deal today and save BIG!

ProTexting - who can make use of it?

ProTexting Plans

So back to the plans ProTexting has. The current full list of available options is right here and as you can see the cheapest plan is only $49. Or just $31.85 to be precise if you decide, as you should, take advantage of the coupon codes we have. Their biggest plan is $1 119 a month. There are also 3 plans in between those 2 for you to pick from. Pretty much there’s plan for any need and budget. Which one you choose is entirely up to you and what your organization needs. The plans are priced differently and each comes with 3 build-in features: instant access to short codes, MMS enabled and have free incoming messages.

The price difference from there on depend of how many credits you need per month. Starting from 1000 and going all the way  up to 27 000. And also on how many keywords ( 1 being the cheapest option and 15 the most at the moment) . The plan you pick is entirely up to you and your needs. So take a good look at them and get the one that suits your best!

It’s worth mentioning that all plans come with free setup, no contracts and unlimited email and phone support from their amazing staff.


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