Using Internet Coupon Codes to Save Money on Online Purchases

Locating Internet Coupons or Online Codes

Many websites cater to online shoppers and provide a host of coupon or promotional codes. A search for “coupon codes” or “Internet coupons” and the name of the store or company should produce a list of coupons or sites that offer relevant coupons. In addition, sites such as RetailMeNot not only have searchable lists of coupon codes, but also have free plugins or downloads that users can use when shopping online. These add-ons can automatically notify users when coupon codes are available for the current website they are browsing and can save shoppers money when purchasing gifts or household items online.



Coupon Codes or Discount Codes for Vacations, Car Rentals

Many frequent travelers book their travel online and use coupon codes or promotional codes to save money or to obtain upgrades on hotel rooms or plane tickets. For example, some car rental companies offer a free upgrade to the next class of car with a code; others offer daily or weekly discounts.

In addition, some hotels and resorts offer discounts or special perks by way of online coupons. What’s more, if you are a member of their rewards program, you may be eligible for extra points or other perks during your stay, such as a free breakfast or a guest room upgrade.

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How to Use Online Coupons

Using an online coupon usually only requires one or two extra steps. For most sites, coupon or promotional codes are entered in the “shopping cart” section. After placing items in the shopping cart for purchase, go to the shopping cart and enter in the code in the relevant field, such as in a promotional code box. The discount should be applied to the purchase price immediately.

While some sites allow shoppers to use more than one coupon code, such as a code for a discount on the purchase and another for free shipping, others do not. Be sure to check with the site to view their policies on online promotional coupons.

When Coupon Shopping Doesn’t Save Money

It is easy to assume that, by using Internet coupons, you will save more money purchasing an item online than in person at a store. This is not always the case. Sometimes shipping costs and other fees can equal or exceed the purchase price or the amount of money being spent to buy an item online; in fact, there are instances where it might be more cost effective to purchase the item in person. Do your research before spending the time and money making an online purchase.

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