Which Crucial Hosting Plan is Right for You

When it comes to picking the right webhosting for your need there are plenty of options and things to consider. Crucial Hosting is no different that most and they do offer many choices to their customers. Now to be precise they don’t  have nearly as many shared plans as let’s say Vidahost or GlowHost for example.  And also they don’t offer reseller hosting or VPS at the moment.  Since at times too many options get customers confused and undecided, this is not necessarily a bad thing. So less in this case is not a bad thing at all. But when it comes to dedicated servers – well, the options are many and can be overwhelming!

Crucial Hosting Split-Shared Plans

But let’s start with their shared plans. At the moment crucial hosting offers 3 shared plans :

  1. Personal – this costs $10 a month and you get 256 MB memory, 10 GB SSD space
  2. Professional – costs $25 a month and comes with 1024 MB memory and 75 GB disc space
  3. Business – $50 a month and 2048 MB memory and 100 GB SSD space

Crucial Hosting shared plans

Each of the shared plans come with unlimited bandwidth and beefed up security – Software Firewall, Automatic Daily Backups, CloudLinux KernelCare and Secure cPanel Access. They also come right out of the “box” with the most popular softwares like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin and others. With the available options and specs layed out as they are picking a shared plan from Crucial Hosting basically comes to down to 2 things – what you actually need and the monthly price. If you have a relatively new blog you probably don’t have much traffic just yet and don’t have many posts.

So starting with the “Personal” $10-a-month plan sounds like the logical choice. And as you site grows in content and (hopefully!) gets more and more traffic you should switch and upgrade to one of the better plans later on. This is the reasonable and smart approach so you don’t overspend on something you don’t indeed need. To summarize : when it comes to shared plans – start small and get more hosting as you grow!

Crucial Hosting Split-Dedicated plans

Pretty much the same approach is recommended when buying Crucial Hosting’s split-dedicated plans.  Start small and buy more “fire power” as your websites and traffic grows. Now anyone with can see that their plans are no the cheapest available, not by a long shot. But as with many things in life – you get what you pay for! And those budget, bare-bone dedicated servers that other hosting companies offers just can’t compare to the top-notch servers offered by CrucialHosting. Their hardware is just better and delivers amazing speeds and reliability. You can read in depth the technical specs and  what they offer here.

All of their split-dedicated plans are fully customizable.  And come each of them comes with unparalleled 24/7 tech support and full 30  days money back guarantee. Before buying a subscription plan just check all the specs of each plan and pick the one your business needs. Starting at $150 and going all the way up to $650 these are not cheap, rinky dinky servers. These are the real  deal and therefore come with a corresponding price tag! To save a little Crucial Hosting offers 15% OFF if you prepay for your server yearly . And also you can save additional 50% on the first monthly bill with one of the coupons we have posted here.

crucial Hosting dedicated servers plans

In conclusion

Overall and to end this post – Crucial Hosting is one of the most technologically advanced web hosting companies in the USA. Their network is top of the line and regularly updated with all the latest advancements in the business.  Compared to other hosting companies the price is relatively higher but definitely worth it if you are serious about your online projects. It will be nice if they add reseller and VPS plans in the feature. But even with what they offer now – most webmasters will be more than satisfied and find a plan to suit their needs.

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