Here at BrownCoupon we have one purpose and one purpose only – to provide You, our visitors, with the best and most accurate coupons, promo codes and deals. Our moto is “Verified coupon from the finest retailers” and we put huge emphasis on the “Verified” part.

If you have used our coupons site in the past and just came back to use it again you might have noticed that it’s significantly smaller. Yes, we went from having over 12000 coupons to about 1 000. And most likely this number will go down even further. Let us explain. Having a coupon sites is not an easy task. Codes do expire, stores change their coupons all the time or even close. We used to ( like most of the other coupons websites) get our coupons from literately everywhere and  because of the sheer volume of the codes we had the quality was lacking to say the least. We also had a “Submit a Coupon” option and the quality there was even worse.

So in December of 2017 we decided to go a different way. Quality first! Now every single coupon and every single deal we post is hand checked for accuracy and for expiration date. We closed the “submit a coupon” section. Now we only get our coupons from trusted sources – we go to the retailers Facebook pages, Twitters, Instagram accounts or email distribution and get them “straight from the horses mouth”. No more untrusty submissions. No more dubious sources. And no more automation. Each and every coupon posted here is checked and verified.

Why did we change the site

We did this massive overhaul because of you, the shoppers. There is no need to come to our website (or any website for that matter) and waste your time. Ask yourself how many times did you go to a coupon’s site, clicked on one of them and when tried to use the code at the retailers’ website it didn’t work? Exactly – it happens way to often! So we decided to go smaller but be way more accurate with the discount codes and offers that we have. This way we will not only save you money but also TIME! You can rest assured that every coupon and every deal here will indeed WORK! If it says 20% off – it will be 20% off, it says “free shipping” – it will be free shipping.

There is absolutely no need to have a huge database of promo codes if they don’t work as they are supposed to. That’s what we had prior to December 2017 but not anymore. Our website is now smaller, leaner and much more accurate and we plan on keeping it that way. That’s why it will probably keep shrinking – hand checking every deal tales time. When one expires, it goes off the site automatically and if we don’t find a suitable replacement from that particular store – the store is gone too. That’s why BrownCoupon keeps shrinking if you want to call it that. We take a much better care now of what we have on the site with accuracy being our number 1 priority.

In Conclusion

It  just makes zero sense for you to waste your precious time clicking on coupons that don’t work. We choose to be a much smaller, but way better in terms of accuracy website, and we hope you find this change a positive one, as we think it is. This way when you come here to BrownCoupon.com you will definitely save money but also save time. And that’s what we are all about!

Happy shopping and enjoy the savings!