The SoCal fashion debate

North America has produced a number of successful brands that take advantage of a specific group of culture or peoples in order to make use of the best qualities and turn them into a fashion trend. The past year saw the influence of Native American culture in clothing stores with feather prints and dream catcher graphics. Inner city cultures have been exploited to create successful branding showcasing large graphic tees and flashy hats. Besides the obvious, that there are attractive features to each of the groups which can make their way into a clothing line, there is something more to say about a brand that has yet to slow down or disappear in this manner. There is one phenomenon that has not seemed to lose momentum in past years and it takes after the same effect of targeting a specific culture.
There are many brands that can be pegged as selling “SoCal focused attire” to the specific Southern California market and beyond. The idea is simple: sell beach bum clothing with a hefty price. How can you sell Surfer shirts and shorts at Midwest malls in the middle of winter? There is an indisputable degree of success in the SoCal brand and culture that has allowed it to multiply within the United States and across international borders. The leading stores include: Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Hollister Co. (offshoot of A&F, you can find their latest deals and promotion here), and Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. Hollister and it’s Place in the SoCal Sphere
When roaming the nation’s malls, it’s to find a Hollister Co. and a PacSun within sight of one another. Each has a different approach to the look and feel of their stores but both are very successful. When considering the Hollister Co. here are some reasons why the locale is so attractive to consumers:Prices are more affordable than its parent company A&F.There is a natural look embellished by palm plants and wooden shutters.The music is alternative rock and pop.There are steps leading up into the store mimicking a beach cabana.The color scheme is sepia and earthy to imitate nature.Special deals like Hollister promo codes and the e-club provide ways to attract frugal customers.

So the look and feel of the Hollister Co. is very much different from anywhere but a coastal region. The graphic tees and faded khakis present themselves as part of a beach style that is coveted by the adolescent teen market.

Hollister vs. PacSun

When considering Pacific Sunwear the audience is much older and although it contains the same vintage feel as the Hollister Co., the attractiveness comes in different forms:Multiple designers to choose from that extend beyond the traditional SoCal brands.A more general pacific style that can fit in anywhere in the country (not just beach bum).Versatility in the clothing selection.Wide range of women’s and men’s clothing plus accessories.

BOGO sales

Southern California style is only one example of a North American fashion trend that has extended beyond its borders. Due to successful marketing campaigns the stores of Hollister Co. and PacSun have gone international to places such as: Europe, Canada, and China. The brand is a unique exploitation of style on the West coast that finds its home in the hearts of consumers everywhere. Who doesn’t want to be likened to a breezy beach babe or a cool surfer guy? The allure of American culture is certainly something to consider when measuring success abroad. Although there are many other companies that have achieved a similar status, the SoCal brand shows no sign of stopping and may surprise the market with an even stronger revival in the future.

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