Duty Free Shopping in the Philippines

If you travel to the beautiful nation of the Philippines you will probably stop by the popular Fiesta Mall located right next to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. This mall has a huge variety of goods and is one of a kind in the country, featuring a ton of products that you will not find anywhere else at prices which are quite reasonable.

shopping in Manila

The mall is only available for arriving passengers and you must present you passport and on entry¬† and be issued a “shopping card” which allows you to start shopping and will get your purchases validated at the stores inside. Make sure you keep the card till you leave the mall since you must show it to the Security at the exit alone with all your purchases!

When we visited the Philippines this past Summer of 2017 there was (and according to the government’s website still is) a limitation on the duty-free allowance for USA visitors of $1 000 per adult. This is plenty in most cases but if you really like shopping or get carried away easily it’s to good to have it mind.

The stores do accept US dollars and of course pesos but for a peace of mind if you don’t want to carry a large sum of cash on you you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or JCB. They actually have a little guidebook at the mall with all the accepted currencies and credit cards but since mine is a little damaged and not website-worthy I made this table for your convenience.


Pay in cash with :

USA and Hong Kong Dollars

Philippine Peso

Singapore Dollar

Japanese Yen

Brunei Dollar

Australian Dollar

British Pound

Canadian Dollar

European Currency

Swiss Franc

Saudi Riyal

Bahrain Dinar

Thailand Baht

International Credit Cards





That’s about it guys, have fun shopping at the Fiesta mall and visiting the Philippines!


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