How to use a ProTexting Coupon

OK guys, this will be short but sweet guide got those really can’t figure out how to use the Protexting coupon codes and deals we have posted here.

First of all – if you are really havingĀ  hard time using the coupons and promo codes – we do apologize! And with the help of this guide you will be well on your way to great savings at Just read on and follow these super simple steps, there’s really nothing too hard or intimidating or anything that needs some extra special skills to use them!

So here we go!

Using a ProTexting Coupon 1 on 1

First – head over to our dedicated Protexting coupon codes and deals page. Look around and see what coupons and deals are available and pick the one you fancy the most. Now that you’ve done that all you need to do is click on the coupon! Doing so 2 things will happen automatically (you don’t need to do anything else- just click) – 1)The coupon you selected will be automatically copied and saved for feature use in your computer’s memory. And 2)You will be redirected to Protexting’s website, which currently look like this:


Once you are there take a look around if you haven’t been there just yet but the tab you are looking for most like is the “Pricing” one. So go ahead and click it to see what plans are available, what their monthly prices are and the limits on how many messages you can send each one of them offers. For illustration – here’s what the “Pricing” page looks like at the moment ( please note that this might be subject to change since all prices and plans are changing from time to time) :

Protexting coupon codes and plans

Available ProTexting Plans

Here you’ll see that ProTexting has a good selection of 5 plans ranging from $49 to $499 per month. Each plan comes with different “bells and whistles”. Depending on what you need – just go ahead and hit on the “Sign Up” button located under each plan. You can join the network on the new page that opens up. It only takes like 1 minute or less and is very easy and straightforward.

After you’re all set and signed up you will be prompted to finish your order by inputting your preferredĀ  payment information. And than and there is where you will get to use the Protexting coupon you selected from above and save! Using the code itself is as easy and doing a simple “paste” command with your computer’s mouse. Your computer remembers the coupon automatically. So now all you need to do is right click on the coupon code box and from the drop down menu select “paste”!

And that’s all it is! Nothing too fancy or hard! Simple as 1-2-3 and you saved a bunch of money at Protexting with our coupons and promo codes!

Enjoy the savings and best of luck on your projects! Protexting can and will help you immensely in reaching your customers fast. And providing them with whatever you want them to know in seconds. As you know texting is the new “thing”, not emails as it used to be before cell phones took over. Many people do not open or check their emails regularly. But everyone checks their phone when they get a new text!