Audible latest deals and discounts is an Amazon owned company that provides Internet users with “spoken audio entertainment.” They are in fact the top rated and most expansive provider of spoken entertainment. They offer hundreds of thousands of spoken entertainment downloads in a wide variety of genres and for a wide variety of applications.

The History of

In early 1997 the company known as Audible introduced itself by launching one of the Internet’s first digital audio players. In 1998 they began making exclusive content that could be downloaded and listened to with their audio player. From these humble beginnings they quickly set themselves up to be at the forefront of the “spoken audio” business.

In 2003 they struck a deal with Apple to make titles from their library available to their iTunes users. This brought this company to the mainstream market and made them a household name.

In 2008 the Audible brand was purchased by Amazon for an astonishing 300 million dollars. This purchase put Amazon at the top of the business when it comes to “spoken audio” entertainment. No other company has been able to match their level of brilliance and offerings since the company was taken over by Amazon.

What Content is Available on

How big is the Audible library exactly? They have over one-hundred thousand titles that are offered from nearly 1,500 different providers around the world. This truly makes Audible the most extensive audio book library in existence.

This library includes titles in all different genres. It also features numerous classic and current radio shows for download, speeches from around the world, interviews with celebrities and other popular personalities, stand-up comedy routines, and even general magazine and newspapers.

The following are some of the most popular types of audio books you will find in the Audible library:Arts and Entertainment,Bios and Memoirs, Business, Classics, Comedy, Drama and Poetry, Erotica and Sexuality, Fiction, Health and Fitness, History, Kids and many many more. Anyone can easily browse these sections to find what they are looking for or can instead choose to run a basic search based on book title or the author of the book. This makes the process of finding the perfect audio book simplistic.

Why do People Choose to Listen to Audio Books?

There are numerous reasons why people choose to listen to books in audio format instead of reading them. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Convenience: Many people listen to audio books when they are on “the go” and don’t have the ability to focus on reading. This includes while traveling, while working, or going about their daily routine.
  • Medical Reasons: Others choose to listen to audio books because they no longer have the ability to visually read or encounter issues such as headaches when reading. For these reasons they find that listening to audio books still allows them to enjoy the art of reading.

What Applications Can I Use With

All Audible audio files can be used by nearly 500 distinct models of audio players. Audio players that don’t have direct Internet access will require the user to download audio files using their home computer to transfer them to their audio device of choice.
The following is some of the most popular applications that can be used to listen to content from Audible : PC Computers, MAC Computers, Mobile Phones, PDA’s Streaming Media Devices, Windows Media Player, Nero, Apple’s iTunes, Android, Windows Phone Devices

How is the Audio Quality

Audible audio downloads come in four formats with varying quality.

The Cost of Using

The pricing structure of Audible downloads varies by the manner in which you engage the website. You can purchase audio books individually. The cost of these books will vary by the title you elect to purchase, the popularity of the title you purchase, and also based on the amount of time that the audio book has been on the market. Audible also offers a monthly subscription fee that you can elect to become a part of. These are discounted subscriptions that provide significant savings on their audio downloads. They also offer yearly subscription plans that many people choose to acquire if they download a high volume of audio books each year. This package allows for even greater savings than a month-to-month subscription. It should also be noted that select titles in the Audible library are offered for free.

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