Great webhosting deals, coupons and short reviews

Selecting the best web hosting service is important in order to avoid headaches later when you realize the hosting service you choose sucks. Here at we tested a number of hosting services out there according to how the rate in a few choice categories. Read below in how we choose what hosting companies are the best.


The best web hosting companies should provide a huge selection of features to satisfy anyone’s website needs. We ranked the feature category according to how much the best web hosting sites provide in terms of typical features, such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space (sometimes referred to as the “unlimited bundle”) – this being a must have feature for a web hosting company to rank in our top ten list. What type of hosting packages they offer also factors into the features rating, such as business hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, E-commerce hosting, and the popular standard/shared web hosting package.

Features ratings are also rated by how much advertising credits they give you upon signing up, if they offer a free domain, if they offer a free website builder, and come with standard unlimited mail boxes. Unique features not typically offered by web hosting are also greatly affect feature rating. Unique features include: if they give you a free domain for life, offer Yellow Pages list for business websites, or allow you the option of signing up for a monthly web hosting plan. Advanced features such as MySQL databases, international domains, and how many FTP accounts you are allowed, are all added into calculating what rating a feature category is set at.


Reliability is determined almost entirely by what up-time we experienced when using the hosting service. The best web hosting services should offer you an up-time guarantee included in any of their hosting plans and should back that guarantee with a money back policy. That said, some hosting services do have a great up-time reputation but don’t offer a guarantee to back it up, and all of that is factored into what reliability rating they are assigned.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is mostly determined by what control panel is used by the web hosting service. The vast majority of web hosting companies use the very user friendly cPanel as the control panel. CPanel is an extremely easy to use interface, that allows users to view web site statistics, see how much bandwidth their website is using, and preform 1-click install for feature such as WordPress. If a hosting service does not use cPanel then we will give it a slight knock in the EoU rating, because in our experience cPanel is slightly more user friendly than control panels such as vDeck or the unique but not so great, Dreamhost Web Panel. How easy-to-use the provided site builder is also factors into the EoU rating, although not all of the hosting services offer a website builder with the standard hosting plan.


Often the deciding factor in whether you plan on purchasing a hosting service; although overall price per month is not the only determining factor in the price rating. We also look at what they offer in the hosting plan, such as if you get a free domain, if they offer a money back guarantee, if they allow you to sign up for a monthly hosting option, and what features are included for free (such as free backups of data), and what features are “add-ons” that you will end up having to pay for.

Help and Support

Help and support are determined by two things: the first is how helpful customer service (usually refereed to as the “help desk) is and the second is how much online material there is in guiding you through a problem. In most of the reviews above, we had a decent response time from the help desk and our questions/problems were answered in a timely fashion. Customer service response time isn’t the only rating criteria, we also look at how much online reading and video tutorial material there is to help you along the way with setting up basic features or correcting any errors/problems you may encounter.

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No matter if you are a brand new webmaster or an experienced veteran we are sure one of these great webhosting companies will suit your needs and budget! Take a look at their offerings and current coupons and best of luck with your next amazing project!